Spa for Jewellery

Our SPA for Jewellery will revive and pamper your beloved jewels.

A Jewel offers all precious metal jewellery repairs, restoration, remodelling & bespoke fine jewellery design.

Magic services include: cleaning & polishing, rhodium plating, gold plating, ring resizing, claw re-tipping, gemstone & diamond sourcing and setting, engraving, chain and bracelet repairs, pearl knotting, jewellery valuations etc.

A Jewel is registered Fairtrade Goldsmith. So, you can always request your items to be made with Fairtrade Gold.

Jewellery Bath

Jewellery Cleaning and Polishing. Once in while, especially everyday worn items like wedding and engagement rings, precious metal jewellery needs some beauty treatments and has to be inspected by a jeweller. Our professional anti-aging pamper will revive, give a new sparkle and shine for your jewellery. Each precious metal ages differently and our expert goldsmith will give all required care so your beloved jewels will look again at their best and your diamonds will shine forever again.


Smooth Surface

After the cleaning and polishing beauty treatments, some jewellery require plating. Almost all white gold jewellery is plated with Rhodium to give a whiter and brighter appearance. Over the time plated surface becomes dull and wears off. How often does white gold needs to be Rhodium plated? That depends on the wearer’s specific skin oils, wear and tear and the thickness of the plating, usually every 1.5-3 years is recommended to re-polish and re-plate your jewellery.

Repairs & Restoration

The rehab for the broken jewellery. We offer ring repairs, ring re-sizing, replacing missing claws, re-tipping, shank repairs, chain & bracelet repairs, clasp repairs, charm soldering, earring repairs etc.

No job is too small or too big.


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