How to look after your Jewellery?

Here are tips and suggestions on how to look after your A Jewel:

  • Avoid using on your Jewels: scent, lotion, deodorant, hair spray etc.
  • Remove your Jewellery when washing as particles of soaps might get stuck in the gaps
  • Avoid contact with bleach or cleaning products, don’t wear any Jewellery in a swimming pool! Many cleaners contain ammonia which can be too harsh for delicate Gemstones or Vintage Jewellery
  • Store your pieces of Jewellery separately from each other in their own packaging or storage bags so it will not rub or scratch on each other. One diamond can scratch another so it’s best to store them separately.
  • Diamonds are durable, but they can be chipped by a hard knock
  • Pearls and opals draw moisture from the air, so storing your opal or pearl jewellery in a dry area, such as a safe deposit box, can sometimes do more harm than good
  • Clean your Jewellery with special polishing cloths impregnated with an anti-tarnish agent which will help to revive and preserve the lustre
  • Plated and Vermeil (at least 1.5 microns thick plating) Jewellery will discolour over time and it needs to be brought to a specialist jeweller for revamp
  • Avoid to leave Pearls in direct sunlight
  • Opal, Pearl, Turquoise should not be immersed in water for too long
  • Light and heat can affect a coloured Gemstone’s durability and colour
  • Avoid to use Ultrasonic cleaner for Gemstone Jewellery without consulting a specialist jeweller, especially Emerald Jewellery
  • Most coloured gems can be cleaned with warm water, washing up liquid (without detergents) and soft brush
  • Clean Diamond Jewellery with water containing mild dish soap and a new soft toothbrush
  • Wear your Silver Jewellery as often as you can, Silver likes being worn
  • To keep your Silver Jewellery shiny and to protect from oxidising, use a special impregnated polishing cloth provided by A Jewel with your purchase
  • Like all precious metals, platinum scratches and dents when it comes into contact with harder elements

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